Friday, June 8, 2012

Time Flies!

Time definitely flies when you are having fun!  So many things have happened since I last updated.  I really don't even know where to start!

Miss Priss is doing great!  She turned 5 months-old.  She got tubes in her ears and except for the current strep throat that has attacked our whole family, she has been healthy.  She is still the happiest baby!  She loves to be talked to.  And she definitely carries on a conversation with you!  She is giving more and more kisses and hugs.  Another big milestone is we stopped swaddling her at night.  She gets so cold so I was worried about not swaddling her because I do not feel comfortable putting her to bed with a blanket.  I do not mind at nap time because I am awake and can check on her.  But I knew I would not be able to sleep well at night worrying about her.  So, I still put her swaddle blanket on her, I just don't put her arms in it.  So, she is basically swaddled from the waist down.  The first night of that did not go so well because she kept waking up cold.  Like waking up every hour crying.  So, at 4 am I finally gave in and covered her up with her blanket on top of the swaddle blanket.  She grabbed her blanket and brought it right up by her face.  Then she flipped over on her side and went right to sleep.  Ha!  And slept until I woke her up.  So, since my mom crochets, I decided to use one of the more holey blankets that she had made for miss priss to cuddle with at night.  So, I still swaddle her from the waist down and give her the crocheted blanket.  She does the same thing every night...grabs the blanket with both hands, pulls it up by her face, flips over on her side, and goes right to sleep.  It makes me giggle every time!  I don't worry about her because the blanket is very loosely sewn and she can get plenty of air.  And I guess it is warm enough for her.  Ha!

Mister Mess is doing great!  We are having his birthday party tomorrow!  I can't believe he is almost 2!  He is talking like crazy!  I think he has a million new words every day.  Well, maybe not that many, but you get the point.  My most favorite of his new words is "A boo baa, mommy."  Just in case you are wondering, that means I love you mommy!  Ha!  It took me forever to figure out what he was saying!  He had been saying it A LOT and then that night I was rocking him to sleep.  He looked up at me and patted me on the arm and said "A boo baa, mommy" in a very sweet voice.  So I said I love you, too, and he smiled very big!  Finally!  Whew.  That was a tough one to figure out.  So of course now I get "a boo baa" when I ask him if he wants to go to time out.  He is a smart little toot.  One night I was rocking him to sleep and he said "A boo baa, daddy.  Night night, daddy. A boo baa, Daddy."  That is a pretty big sentence for a kiddo who was only saying one word at a time not long ago.

We have also gotten child #3 since my last update.  Yes, you read that right.  There is a child #3.  He is Miss Priss and Mister Mess' 4 year-old brother.  We are so happy to have him!!  He is such a cutie!

I love watching him interact with his brother and sister.  The two boys are trying to learn how to live with each other again.  They have not been in the same home together for quite sometime, so there have definitely been adjustments.  But for the most part, I feel like he has adjusted very well.  He LOVES living with his brother and sister.  He is going to the same child care center as the other 2 and loves it!  He has a very sweet nature and is very smart.

Other big news since my last update is the Joe got a new JOB!  In another TOWN!  So, we MOVED last weekend.  I mean, we haven't been busy at all...get a new kid one week, move to Conway the next week, and plan and have a birthday party the next week.  No big deal, right!?!  ;)  

We adore our new house!  It has so much more space, which is exactly what we needed with 3 kiddos!!  We, with the help of family and friends. have totally repainted the inside and done a few small jobs on the outside.  We definitely have more projects to go, but have already come so far.  This was definitely a very different move from last summer!   I had the whole apartment packed up with boxes labeled weeks before we moved last time.  Not so much this time.  I did not pack one box until the night before we moved.  We were still throwing stuff into boxes as it was being put on the truck.  Oh my.  Joe, my mom, and my friend Michelle packed a lot on Thursday and Friday, but throwing 3 kids and all their stuff into the mix made this a very different experience to say the least!  I am definitely not complaining, just saying how different it was.  But, us and all of our stuff made it, and that is the most important thing!  

Last year, after the first week of living in our new apartment I had everything hung on the walls and curtains hung and all the boxes unpacked, etc.  Not so much this time!  Ha!  But it will get done.  Eventually.  Percie loves her new backyard!  I can't wait to get out there and work on it some and get it looking just the way I want it!

One last story before I go.  I am still working at my same job and the kiddos are still going to their same school.  We figure the less transition at once, the better.  But, that means an hour commute one way for me and 30 minutes for the kids.  Not sure how long this will last!  Ha!  (I am driving an SUV with a third row seat now.  So, big brother sits on the third row seat and mister mess and miss priss sit in front of him on the 2nd row of seats.)  So, one day last week on our way home, Big brother was rolling up and throwing the long strap from the back on mister mess' car seat over into his car seat.  For whatever reason, both of them thought this was hilarious and were belly laughing.  Whatever keeps them happy during the drive.  :)  Mister mess is definitely in the "MINE" stage.  So, Joe and I find ourselves saying "not mine, say please" a lot.  I have never gotten mister mess to say please.  Well, Mister mess would start his "MINE MINE MINE" and then I heard his big brother say "Mister mess (he actually said his name) say please, not mine"  and then I hear the sweetest "Peas, big brother" (He actually said his name).  REALLY?!?  I have been trying for months to get this kid to say please!  Ha!  So, over and over on the way home that day it was "Peas, big brother".  At least Mister Mess has continued with his "peas" and not refused to say it for us!  

That was just a huge example of how much big brother listen to what Joe and I say and how mister mess loves to impress his big brother!

Hopefully it won't be so long before the next update!

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Leslie said...

WOW!!! What exciting news! I can't wait for pics of your new place! You have been one busy girl.