Thursday, June 21, 2012

SIX Months

Yes, you read that right.  This baby girl is 6 months-old today!!  I can't believe it. 

She is growing and changing so fast.  Last time we went to the doctor she weighed 18 pounds.  She is so stinking cute!

She adores eating rice cereal.  She still cries when it is all gone!  Well, she cries when her bottle is all gone, too.  So she likes to eat...there is nothing wrong with that!  Ha!

I don't have all of her stats because her 6 month appointment isn't until July 9th.  I'll have to blog them after we go.  I just know she is going to weigh 20 pounds and we are going to be looking for a new car seat.  Like I said, growing way too fast!!

She loves laying on the floor and playing with her toys.  She rolls all over the place!  And she definitely has her favorite toys and spends much more time playing with them. 

She can sit alone for a few seconds before she throws herself backwards or falls forward trying to get her toes.  Speaking of toes, she still adores her toes! Ha!  I painted her toe nails for the first time this week with Piggy Paint.  Too stinking cute!

I waited until she was asleep, but it was still a challenge because she is so ticklish she kept waking up!  Ha!  But, I did finally finish. 

Her spontaneous hugs and kisses are precious!!  Some how she usually manages to reach around my neck and grab those little bitty hairs around my hair line and pull me close and cram the back of her pacie (because it is usually in her mouth) in my mouth.  Ha!  It is so sweet.  I love it when she totally catches me off guard.  

I think she is developing a little stranger anxiety.  They had school pictures done at her school this week and she would NOT smile for the camera.  She was hungry, so I thought maybe if they fed her and then tried again after I left (she does love her food) that they might be able to get her to smile.  But they had NO luck!  Her teacher (who we absolutely adore!!) said she was smiling all the way down the hall, but when that strange man (the picture guy) started talking to her and trying to get her to smile she would only frown at him.  Ha!  Such a mess!!  Because anyone that has met her knows she smiles all the time.

She still adores water.  I am pretty sure I get much more soaked giving her a bath than either one of her brothers!  Ha!  She splashes and kicks the whole time she is in the water.  And, she adores the wash clothe.  It makes trying to wash her with it a bit of a challenge because she spends the whole time trying to take it away from me.  Mess!  And if I give her her own wash clothe and try using another one she will drop the one I gave her and still try to take the one I'm using away!  It makes me laugh!

She "talks" all the time!  No more taking her in places where you have to be quiet.  :)  She can make tons of noises now and even mimics the noises I make.  And she is very ticklish!  She loves for me to tickle her belly and she will throw her head back and laugh.  Her laugh sounds just like her brother!

She has the funniest facial expressions.  And sometimes her different cries make me giggle.  It is so easy to tell what she is thinking.  Her "you broke my heart" cry is so sad and maybe a bit dramatic.  :)  I'm afraid we might have a drama queen on our hands.  You can tell her "I'm hungry" cry because you know she means business and nothing but putting a spoon or bottle in her mouth will make the cry stop!  Ha!  She has started fussing just a little bit sometimes when she is sleepy, but it usually doesn't last long.  

She is also reaching her arms up when she wants picked up.  And after I unbuckle her she pushes herself up the the car seat for me to pick her up.  Smart girl! 

I can't wait to start feeding her baby food.  I just know she is going to love it! 

And, I can't wait to stay home with her and her brothers every day!  Yes, next Friday is my last day of work and I will be a stay at home mom!!  I never thought it would be something I would want to do or ever be possible, but never say never.  I know we are going to have the best time.

So, now maybe I will be able to blog a little more consistently.  We will see!

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Karen said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up on you?
As for carseats, we got the Graco convertible when Ting hit 20 lbs at 7 months old. It worked perfect and she's still in it. It goes to 35 lb rear facing and 50 lbs front facing so they can stay in it a little longer.