Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 Months

Baby Girl was four months old yesterday!  

Her 4 month picture is pretty cute!  I wish I could share it with you guys.  

What is Baby Girl doing at 4 months.....

She really wants to sit up.  She can hold herself up pretty good.  I predict it will not be much longer.

She still adores bath time!  I think she likes it even more now that she has discovered her feet!  The baby bath tub that we have has a sling in it.  It puts her at just the right angel to almost get her feet in her mouth.  She might have a chubby belly which might make getting her feet in her mouth a little difficult.  Ha!

Speaking of that chubby belly, last Monday when we were at the doctor she weighed 16 pounds. We just call her healthy.  :)

And, she is pretty short.  We go to the doctor for her official 4 month appointment next Tuesday, so I'll report her stats then.  (And she will get her 4 month shots.  Shhh, don't tell her.  I'm pretty sure she still remembers her 2 month shots.  I'm already dreading it.)

She adores her pacie.  Oh my.  I don't even want to think about taking that thing away from her one day.  She is getting better at holding it in her mouth while coughing, smiling, sneezing,crying, etc. without it falling out.  ha.  She doesn't have to have it if she is happy.  Just if she is hungry, sleepy, cranky, etc.  I cannot wait for the day she learns her hand can put that pacie in her mouth.  She has totally figured out that my hand can put it in her mouth.  If I hold her pacie in my hand where she can see it, she opens her mouth, grabs my hand, and crams the pacie in her mouth.  Ha!

And speaking of open mouth....she gives the cutest mouth wide open slobbery kisses I've ever seen!  So, just a hint...if she comes at your face with her mouth wide open she is giving you a kiss.  :)

She adores my hair.  Good thing I usually wear it pulled back anyway, but she has mastered the art of reaching around my neck and grabbing my pony tail.  Silly girl!

She is grabbing everything!!  It is very obvious now that she grabs things on purpose.  It's pretty funny.  She gets excited when she gets a hold of something, especially her feet.  Oh my does she love those feet.

She is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes, except pants.  I think we discussed earlier that she is just a little short.  :)  6 month dresses, onesies, and shorts really fit her best but she is still wearing her 0-3 month PJs because her feet don't come close to the feet part of the 3-6 month PJs.  It's okay though.  I keep telling her her legs will catch up one day.  :)  

She loves to talk.  She is making all different kinds of sounds and noises!  She gets loud sometimes and talks very quiet sometimes.  It's pretty cute.  But really, what does she do that isn't cute?!?

She definitely notices when I walk through a room.  And she knows my voice.  If Joe is feeding her and I'm walking around the apartment cleaning up or chasing her brother I'm not aloud to talk because she will follow my voice every where I go making feeding her very difficult!  Ha!  

Speaking of feeding, her bottles are now thickened to a nectar consistency.  She has had a nasty cough that we haven't been able to get rid of for a while so we will be going for a swallow study soon.  She has also started acid reflux medicine in case that is causing her cough.  We have been doing both for a week now and notice no difference in her cough.  :(  But burping her is super easy now!  :)

She loves the stroller!  She and her brother both do.  They love going on walks!  Or any where we take the stroller.

She has discovered that she has bows on the top of her head, but we are working on leaving them there.  :)

Her favorite game to play is eat daddy's nose.  I'm not kidding.  It cracks me up!  If he holds her up in the air and then brings her close to his face while saying AHHH with his mouth open then she comes at him with her mouth wide open and bites his nose!  lol.  Over and over and over.  And if he stops playing before she is ready to stop she keeps leaning towards him with her mouth wide open!  Love it.

We still swaddle her at night.  She sleeps all night, so we won't be unswaddling (is that a word?) for a while.  :)  She has only broken out twice the whole time she has lived with us.  So, I say it is still working for now. 

I could go on and on, but I think that is most of the important stuff.  

I can't believe that this baby girl who came to live with us when she was barely 2 months old is now 4 months old.  Sigh.  Where does the time go??


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