Monday, June 25, 2012

The BIG 2!

I cannot believe that this big boy is 2 years old!

I really wish I could share some of the pictures I took yesterday.  We had a great time!  Joe's parents came for the weekend.  They did some work on Grandama's house on Saturday and then came to spend the night with us.  It is so great to have the space that they can do this.  They have not spent the night at our house in 7 years!  We had a great time.  Sunday morning mister mess woke up around 8.  I made a big breakfast and he loved it!  Of course we had some of his favorites, grapes and bananas.  Then we just stayed home and he and his brother enjoyed playing with their toys.  They had a great time.  They really enjoy playing with Nanny and especially Poppy.  If I have heard Poppy once I have heard Poppy a million times!  Ha!  And I love it!!  I am so glad they have him!

Then Daddy grilled hot dogs (another favorite) and we had cheese puffs for lunch.  Well, and ketchup of course.  This kids will eat ketchup on anything!  Ha!  And you will usually catch him eating just the ketchup with his fork.  Yuck.  But he loves it!  Grandmama brought some cupcakes, so we put 2 candles in his and sang to him again.  He kept looking at us like we had lost our minds!  It was pretty funny.  But he does enjoy blowing out his candles and he devoured his cupcake.  :)

Then he opened his presents.  He REALLY enjoyed the play vacuum cleaner that Grandmama got him!  I think I have talked about this kids obsession with all things cleaning before.  It cracks me up!  And I love it.  We have a rug in our living room.  A black rug.  I pretty much need to vacuum it daily.  (notice how I said need, not that I do) I will never buy a black rug again.  Anyway, Mister Mess put his vacuum cleaner on that rug and vacuumed the whole thing for me!  (maybe he has seen that a few million times!  Ha!)  Too bad his vacuum cleaner doesn't actually vacuum.  ;)

He is doing so well!  He is super smart and so much fun!  I am pretty sure he is the funniest kid I have ever met.  Especially when he gets in trouble.  It makes it very difficult!  :)

He is still refusing to say that he is 2.  He says nee which means three.  He does try really hard to hold up 2 fingers and gets so excited when I help him.  But, he likes to count, so I think he just keeps going.  Since I say 2 he says 3!  Ha!  .  So, when I say "Mister Mess is 2.  You say 2."  He says "nee."  Me:  "No, two."  Him:  "NEE!"  Me:  Not three, two."  Him:  "NEEEE!!"  Me:  "One, two.  Mister mess is two."  Him:  Nodding is head yes, "NEEEEE!"  Me:  "Okay."  LOL!!  I have given up on that one for now.  We will work on it again soon...

Mister mess is either going at top speed or asleep.  We laugh about how much sleep he needs, but it is because when he is awake he never slows down!  :)  He loves his "beep beeps"  and "balls."  They are definitely his most favorite toys.  And like I said before, he loves all things cleaning.  Brooms, mops, dust pans, vacuum cleaners, rags, you name it!  Ha!  We have to keep everything put up in a closet that he cannot open.  He loves it so much I would love to let him play with it, but it is just gross!  Ha!  I just can't let myself.  I am shopping for him his own kid sized broom and cleaning set, but I haven't found one yet.  He also can't stand for things to be out of place and he especially doesn't like when his big brother leaves stuff on the floor.  A boy after my own heart!!  :)

He is talking a lot.  We hear new words daily.  But I am a little worried that his speech is not right on target for his age, so we have scheduled a speech therapy evaluation.  Much better to be safe than sorry.  I would much rather him get help now while he is young!  I have no doubt that he understands everything we say, but he might need a little help learning to say things himself.

His personality is precious!  And I can't get enough of his laugh!!

Mister Mess,

Daddy and I have loved every minute that we have gotten to spend with you!  You have brought so much laughter to our family.  We find ourselves asking each other often what we did before we had you.  We have loved watching you grow and hope you continue to grow and learn more everyday!  Thank you for providing us with much entertainment!!  We love you with all of our hearts!


Mommy and Daddy

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Carie said...

Love it! And you're right, a speech eval never hurts!