Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Easter

We have had a lot of firsts in the Hooker House recently.  Not only was this Miss Priss's first Easter ever, this was our first Easter with children which meant our first experience with having Easter bunny pictures made.  Miss Priss smiled big and did not mind the Easter bunny at all.  Mister Mess, on the other hand, wasn't too sure about that bunny.  Joe did manage to get him to sit on the bench with the bunny while the bunny held sissy.  (Really wish I could share the picture.  Hilarious!)

This was also our first Easter to take kiddos to an Easter egg hunt.  We went to one at ASU Beebe.  It was a blast!  Mister Mess knew exactly what to do.  They had a Easter egg hunt at school on Thursday, so I'm sure they taught him.  We also went to the Easter egg hunt at Daniel Park that our church sponsors.  He enjoyed picking up a few eggs while sissy took a nap in the stroller.  They had hot dogs and Cheetos which he loved!  I am pretty sure his favorite part was the praise band from our church playing.  He LOVED it!  You couldn't get him close enough to the loud band and he clapped and cheered for them.

It was also our first Easter to have children who have Easter parties at school.  I had really looked forward to coming up with cute ideas for teacher gifts and gifts for their friends.  Well, the busyness of having a 3 month-old and a 21 month-old got the best of me and it dawned on me at about 4 on Wednesday afternoon that the kids had their Easter parties at school the next day.  Thankfully Fred's in Beebe came through for me.  Ha!  The top picture is what I put together for Miss Priss' friends...rubber duckies and a teething ring.  The bottom picture shows the teacher gifts.  Mama (aka Grandmama) had picked up the buckets at Target for me.  I filled them with hand sanitizer and candy for the teachers.  And I found carrot shaped Easter eggs at Fred's, filled them with M&Ms, added a few Easter eggs and a sucker and we had a happy 1 year-old.  Ha!  Not hard to please.  And, they turned out pretty cute for so last minute.
It was also the first time for the Easter Bunny to visit our house.  The Easter bunny did not go over board this year by any means.  He just made sure to pick up a few things that he knew they would love!  Mister Mess loved his new truck!  He really enjoyed everything in his basket.  Funniest moment all weekend (and believe me, there are many of them with him around!  Ha!) was after he opened his basket and noticed all of the eggs the Easter bunny had hidden for him.  42 of them to be exact.  He picked up the first egg.  Shook it.  Looked at me.  Then looked at Joe.  Got a sly grin on his face.  Opened the egg as fast as he could.  Stuffed the chocolate Easter egg in his mouth with the foil still on it!  Ha!  I have never laughed so hard.  Of course, I got it out of his mouth as fast as I could and unwrapped it for him.  The boy loves chocolate!  He was pretty much done with hunting eggs.  I mean he had his piece of chocolate, what more did he need?!?  With a little encouragement he did find all of the eggs.  And one more piece of chocolate.  Ha!  I snuck off with his basket and emptied all of the eggs and then gave it back to him.  He never knew all of the eggs had something in them.  I should have taken a picture of the bowl full of candy he gathered from all of his egg hunting.  Oh my.  I'm pretty sure it will be going to the lobby for the college kids very soon!

Another first was taking children to church on Easter Sunday.  This was very special.  (They had the cutest Easter outfits, by the way.)  I took Mister Mess to the nursery.  He has MUCH more fun in there.  Miss Priss went to big church with us.  She did very good except for fussing because she didn't want to go to sleep.  I only had to step out for a few minutes and she was OUT and slept the rest of the service.  It was an awesome service and I'm so glad we got to be there.  After church we went to Grandmama's house for lunch.  She fixed ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rolls, and key lime pie.  I fed Mister Mess a few bites of my key lime pie and he LOVED it.  A lot of Mmmmms and Nom Nom Noms followed those bites.  Ha!  He is so funny.  
  Another first for the weekend is that Miss Priss slept in her big girl bed for the first time!  She is still in our room because Mister Mess is such a light sleeper.  Miss Priss sleeps all night, but sometimes loses her pacie and I have to help her out and put it back in.....oh, probably 3 times a night.  Ha!  I'll be so glad when she figures out that her hands can put that pacie in her mouth.  :)  She LOVES her crib!  She did great the first night.  

Another kind of funny first is that I found out I have a laundry buddy!  Mister Mess loves to go to the laundry room with me.  He likes to put stuff in the washers and dryers for me. He also loves closing the doors.  He really likes to push the buttons that make them start and watch them spin!  He dances and claps.  Cracks me up!  Now if I could just teach him to fold them and put them away!  Ha!

Mister Mess' vocabulary is also expanding.  My favorite of his new words is 'mon.  The means come on, by the way.  Ha!  Joe says "Come on , buddy" to him quite often and he picked up on it pretty quick.  He says, "Mon, Daddy.  Nom Nom Nom." while rubbing his belly.  This definitely means he wants to eat.   

We had a great Easter weekend filled with tons of firsts!


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