Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Almost Forgot!

Something else VERY important happened in February!  I got to tour my very soon to be new home!  Like we get to move in in 10 days!  Can you tell I'm excited!?!

My husband is the hall director (or "dorm dad") of a residence hall (or "dorm" as they called them when I was in college), and the college he works for is building new residence halls.  SOOOO, that means we get a new apartment!

These are a few pictures from our first time to tour the hall.

The outside
Our outside door to our apartment.  (There is already a real door on there!)
Our living room.  (That is the other side of that door that is now a real door.  ha.)
This is out living room/kitchen.  It is one big open room separated by a bar.
Our bedroom window!
Joe at one end of the hallway and me at the other!
And what am I most excited about??? My huge closet!!  (That is Joe standing in the closet.)

10 more days!  I can't wait!


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