Friday, July 8, 2011

4th Of July

I decided I better go ahead and post about the 4th before it gets too far away.  Things are very crazy around the Hooker house right now.  We are moving in a few short days, so we are having the garage sale of a life time tomorrow morning.  Since we live on a college campus, we can't exactly have a garage sale here, and my mom lives outside the city limits.  We have tried a garage sale in her neighborhood before, but not had the best of luck.  So, one of my good friends that lives in Searcy (20 minutes away) is letting us have the garage sale at her house.  Thanks Michelle!  He neighborhood is awesome for garage sales!  Only thing that means is getting all of our stuff there.......8 trips down, at least 2 more to go before in the morning.  Whew!

Back to the 4th.....
We had a very relaxing 4th.  We usually go out of town some where fun, but we are trying to save money for the move, and we knew the next few weeks were going to be crazy!

We started out by eating at Old Chicago Pizza on Friday night and doing a little shopping, of course!
And, we ate this!  I am so sad that there will be no more Yarnell's!

Percie in her 4th of July dress!

My mom has Fiesta Ware (I love it!) so I got all of her red, white, and blue out for us to use!
So thankful that Joe's mom and dad came to enjoy the 4th dinner with us!
Joe grilled and it was great!
And we did a little furniture shopping!
I am so excited about the new place!  

We had a great 4th!  I hope you did, too!


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