Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

When I received information in that mail about a conference that I love to go to for work and realized it was in Hot Springs during mama's birthday, it made me want to go even more!  The conference was September 15-17 and mama's birthday was September 16!  The conference was at The Clarion on the Lake.  I LOVE that hotel!  And I LOVE it that we stayed in the hotel where the conference was held.  Very convenient!

Of course we planned our trip around where we were going to eat and shop in between and after the conference!  Ha!  We decided on Olive Garden for lunch on Wednesday and McAlister's for supper Wednesday night.  They forgot to put my order in, so they offered us a free dessert!  Mama got her birthday cake a day early!  Ha!  She had their Italian cream cake.
On Thursday, we decided on Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and a Mexican restaurant downtown (I don't remember the name) for mama's birthday supper.  They were both wonderful!  We also did some shopping at TJ Max, Dillard's, Petco, Hobby Lobby, and downtown.  There is a doggie shop downtown that we love, and we found the last Halloween costume for the dogs!  I can't wait to show you pictures!
On Friday, the conference was over at noon, and we headed to Rod's Pizza Cellar for lunch.  I had planned for us to eat there last so I could take Joe his favorite pizza from Rod's for his birthday.
It was a great trip, and actually a great conference with some awesome information!
Thanks for going with me, Mama!


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