Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Joe!!

When I got home from Hot Springs on Friday, Joe and I packed and headed to Trumann for his birthday weekend.  I had been planning for months with Joe's mom to plan his surprise 30th birthday party!  I can't believe we actually pulled it off!  Joe's 1st cousin Tara (who I love to death!) is 10 days older than Joe, so I thought it would be pretty fun to celebrate their birthdays together.  Joe's mom, Joe's sister, and Tara's mom did all of the work!  And they did an awesome job!  Tony and I couldn't help with anything because we knew if we tried to do anything Joe and Tara would know something was up. 
My job was to get Tara and Joe to the church at the same time for their party.  We wanted them to walk in together so they were surprised at the same time.  Tony's job was to not let Tara plan anything for Friday night so I could call and ask them to go out to eat with Joe and I.  Ha!  It worked!!  I told her we would come and pick them up because I wanted to see Penny and Stella (their doggie and kitty) because I haven't seen them in a while.  Tara kind of giggled when I told her, but didn't seem surprised at all!  Ha!  
The only problem is that I could NOT get Joe out of the house.  He is always in a hurry to get to his parent's......but not this time.......when there are 20+ people waiting for him!  Ha!
So we finally made it to the church and had a great time!  Charlotte made homemade pizzas and Joe a sugar free strawberry cake and a sugar free carrot cake!  Aunt Sheila made Tara a lemon cake!  It was awesome!  They were both surprised and we had a great time!  
Enjoy the pictures!

Of course, Percie and Molly came along for the trip!  We really did have a great time!  We went to Tara and Tony's after the party to play Wii with Malinda, Roy, Tara, and Tony.  We had some good laughs!
Happy Birthday, Tara!
Happy Birthday, Joe!


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