Friday, December 11, 2009

Candy, Warren, and Dalton

November 27, 2009

We woke up super early on Black Friday (before the kids) and I got to snap some pictures of something that made Mattilyn, Logan, and Braden very happy when they woke up!

Meet the elf , Candy.  She is Mattilyn's elf.  Mattilyn wrote a letter to Santa asking for an elf to come and visit her until Christmas Eve.  Candy came on Thanksgiving night and was waiting on Mattilyn Friday morning.  Candy is a candy maker in Santa's workshop at the North Pole. 

Meet Dalton and Warren.  Dalton is Braden's elf and Warren is Logan's elf.  They also wrote letters to Santa requesting elves to come and stay until Christmas Eve.  The elves come to life at night and create mischief.  They might roll the Christmas tree with toilet paper or many other mischievous things.  The kids are responsible for the elves, so they are responsible for cleaning up after them!  They also bring Mattilyn, Logan, and Braden presents.  

They set up these Christmas trees and brought these stockings.

The kids leave crackers and water out for the elves on Thanksgiving night.
(I took this picture before I went to bed on Thursday.)

The elves must have been hungry and thirsty after their long trip from the North Pole, because there were no crackers left!

Sleepy Braden and his elf in his pajamas.  The elves have clothes, too.  They change their clothes every morning, and get them ready for bed at night.

Sleepy Mattilyn and her elf, Candy.
Wide awake Logan and his elf, Warren.  Warren helps care for the reindeer at the North Pole.  Logan is such a morning person, and he always has been!

I can't wait to hear about all of the mischief the elves get into this Christmas season!  It will be kind of sad when they go home with Santa on Christmas Eve


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