Friday, December 11, 2009

Black Friday

November 27, 2009

Mama, Jeannie, and I left the house at 6:30 a.m. to enjoy some great deals on Black Friday....kid free I might add!  (Thanks Lon and Joe!)  We started our day off at Wal-Mart, of course.  (Well, maybe we went there twice!  Ha!)  We also went to Kohls, World Market, Pier 1, Petsmart, Lifeway, Best Buy, and Target. 

Can you tell they were oh so excited for me to take their picture! 
We had a great time and got some great deals.
Mattilyn is at that age where it is hard to shop for her, so I gave up and later on Black Friday I took her shopping for her Christmas presents.  She found some cute jeans at Old Navy and a few jackets and shirts at Aeropostale.  You can see it all over her face how crazy she thinks I am for taking her picture all the time!  You would think she would be used to it.  Her mama takes her picture quite often, also!

Later that night we started working on Mattilyn's science fair project.  It was a soccer project.  I don't remember everything, but it was something about does turf make a difference in how far you can kick a soccer ball.  All I remember is that turf does make a difference.

Cutting the turf to put on the board.

Gluing the turf to the board.

Mattilyn was late and we were a little silly!

Close to the finished project.  We really did have a great time putting it together!

I hope Mattilyn does great at the science fair!


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