Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby Derek's Baby Showers

This precious baby boy is so very loved.  We had 3 baby showers and they were equally amazing!  Here are some pictures from the first shower.
I'm so thankful that MB has all of these sweet cousins to grow up with!  Mary Blanche, Darby, Fallon, Rylee, and Kaiya.
And I'm so thankful for this awesome family putting together this precious shower!
Sheila Jo, Breah, Malinda, Brandie, and Tara!  It was a wonderful baby shower day!

Baby Shower #2!

 I am so very thankful for these sweet friends who put together a wonderful shower!!  Natalie, Annslie, Carie, and Maranda.

And I am so very thankful to all of my friends and family who could come!  It was a great day!!

Baby Shower #3!

 Sweet Parish.  Derek's BFF.  :)

 I'm so glad Jeannie and Mattilyn made the long trip!

 I am so thankful for a wonderful church family who have become such great friends!  They kept me going all of the years Joe and I lived in Beebe before we were parents.  I'm not sure another church could ever feel as much like home as FUMC Beebe!


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