Saturday, December 14, 2013

Daniel's 6th Birthday Party

Daniel's 6th birthday party was today at a local hotel meeting room and indoor pool.  It was a fishing theme and we had a great time!  It was supposed to be last Saturday, but Winter Storm Cleon messed that up.  :(  Not as many of his friends were able to come this week.  It is just such a busy time of year.  But, he had a wonderful day!!
This was the party favor table.  The kids got their own tackle box to fill up with "bait."  (Gummy worms and Swedish fish)  :)
We had a "reely" good time!
Why did this mama get blue cupcakes!?!  :)
Goldfish bar and drinks.

My swimming pictures are a little fuzzy.  It was very warm in the room with the pool and my lens kept fogging over.
Oh this girl.  MB had the time of her life!  She got in and out of the hot tub and pool all by herself.  No fear girl.  She is a fish!
We are so glad Bella came!
David had a blast, too!
This poor Daddy is worn out from chasing this girl in the pool!  :)
We are so glad Mrs. Nancye came!
Can't believe this kiddo is going to be 6!!
A little embarrassed about being sung to.  :)
She is still blue. 
So excited!  Thanks Mrs. Eva!
Daniel's sweet friends.  He loves these girls!
So excited!
Trying to get to another cupcake. 
Daniel had a great time!  Thanks to everyone who was able to come!


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