Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update on Mister Mess

First, I finally painted the dresser in Mister Mess and Big Brother's room!  I love it!

Mister Mess, the 2 year-old, is saying and doing the funniest stuff every day and I don't want to forget any of it!  So, I decided it was time to make time to write it all down.

He is loving staying at home, and is becoming pretty attached.  He really does not like it if I leave a room without him.  He will look at me with those big blue eyes and say, "I walk, mama."  That means he wants to come with me.  Sometimes he randomly says, "I walk" and he will walk around the room or the house.  Ha!

He has also learned the word cold and uses it correctly often.  He LOVES "ICE."  I think it is just because he can say it is cold!  :)

He also is requesting "breakfast" every morning when I get him out of bed.  All food used to be nom nom.  Nom nom was VERY cute, but I'm glad that he is learning that food has different names.  He often requests "beans", "peas", and "fries!"  Ha!  He says lunch sometimes, but still calls most meals "breakfast."  Ha!  I guess it is his favorite.  I love it when Joe fixes something for him to eat and he says, "this nummy, daddy!"  

He also loves to sing and just makes up his own songs.  One of them often says, "no more sissy, no more sissy, no more sissy, sissy all gone gone, all thru the town!"  LOL!!  Do you think there might be a little jealousy there!?!  And he LOVES wheels on the bus.  That is where the all thru the town came from.  :)

He goes to Physical Therapy twice a week.  His PTs name is Hannah, but he calls her Hanny and I think it is super cute!  One day when we got home and he was eating lunch he said, "Mama, ball Hanny.  Woah Woah Hanny!"  Ha!  I asked her and she said that she had put him on the big exercise ball!  Smart boy!  That was the first time that he told me about something that happened when I wasn't around.  

So the days of Big Brother getting away with doing something to MM and MM not being able to tell me what happened are over!  :)  Don't get me wrong, MM does his fair share to BB, but BB has always been able to tell me what happened.  Now MM can, so there are always 2 sides.  :)  The other day I was talking to BBs Occupational Therapist outside the car.  I got in the car and MM was crying.  I asked what was wrong and he said "BB, hair, ow, ow hair."  And he acted like he was pulling his hair.  I asked BB if he pulled MMs hair, and he looked at me totally shocked and said, "yes ma'am."  I don't think he knew what to do!  Ha!

This might be a little TMI, but it really made Joe and I laugh, so I want to remember it.  MM said "church" for the first time this morning.  After lunch I changed his diaper before I put him down for a nap.  When I layed him down, he said "I poop."  I am trying to teach him the right words so we can start potty training.  So, I said no, you pee pee.  He said, "I poop at church.  No, no, mama.  I poop at church."  And, he had in fact pooped while he was at church in the nursery and they had to change him.  Ha!  This is really one of his first sentences to put together.  And it really made us laugh!

Poor guy has bad reaction to mosquito bites.  I have some prescription cream that I have to put on him when he gets "bug bites."  He is learning his parts of his body by where is "bug bites" are.  Ha!  He now knows "arm," "leg," "neck," "back," "feet," "cheek," "booty," "belly." LOL!  Poor guy.  But at least he is learning I guess.  It just kills me though.  His brother and sister can be in exactly the same place for the same amount of time and he is the only one that gets "bug bites."

Another one of MMs new favorite words is "boooook."  And yes he draws out "boooook" just like I typed it.  :)  He LOVES to read "booooooks" every night before bed.  His favorite book is Barnyard Dance.  He adores his "duck duck" and there is a "duck duck" in the book so he was hooked immediately.  :)  He likes the "horsh," "piiiig," "chishen," "cat," and "gog" best.  

Speaking of "gogs," MM has always called Percie "arf."  We have been working on him saying Percie, but it comes out much more like "pa-piesh."  :)

Since MM likes to follow me from room to room and is crazy active, when I am putting clothes away or getting Miss Priss dressed he likes to sit in the rocking chair and "I rock."  He loves to "I rock."  I definitely encourage him to "I rock" since it keeps him busy.  :)  It has started to back fire on me a little, though.  Joe or I usually rock MM before we put him to bed at night.  He rarely goes to sleep.  Right before I put him in bed, I usually ask MM for a kiss.  A few weeks ago I asked for a kiss and he said, "no, no mama.  I rock a mama.  I rock a mama."  :)  So, we might be rocking a little bit longer most nights.  But that's okay.

Another favorite is "here, mama."  When I hear "here, mama" I never know what MM might be handing me!  :)  (and it sounds a little more like heeweere than here.  lol)

Two more of his sayings that make me laugh and shake my head at the same time are "I see" and "I know."  For example, Me:  Watch where you are going, MM.  MM:  "I see."  (Imagine that with the attitude of a 14 year-old.  It definitely helps me see what the future may hold.  ha!)
  Me:  We don't hit our brother.  MM:  I know, mama, I know.  With the same amount of attitude.  We are working very hard on yes ma'am instead of I know.  :)

MM adores his "daddy!!!!"  He says it with that much enthusiasm every time he says it.  It is precious!

I also find my self saying things to MM that I never really imagined I would say.  Like, get your tooth brush out of your ear, Get that dorito out of your ear, don't put the cheese in your hair, get your foot off your sister, don't kick your plate, no touch Percie's eyes, etc.  :) 

We really enjoy having this fun 2 year-old at our house!!  September 12th is a big day in these kiddos lives.  Of course I can't (and wouldn't) go into detail on here, but please keep them in your prayers.


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Precious! And you know we are praying every day!