Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have been a horrible blogger! There are SO many things that I do not want to forget!! But I especially don't want to forget this past week, so I will start there. 

Last Friday, my nephews Logan and Braden came for their annual week long visit. I always love having them come for a visit!  This year it was very different having 3 little ones. We had a blast!!

We started our week out at Joe's family reunion at the Spring River. We had a great day! But it did help me to remember why we have not been camping with 3 little ones! :) Joe took big brother, Logan, and Braden trout fishing. They all had fun! And, Logan caught his first trout! We played and swam in the cold river all day. Miss priss even loved the water!

On Sunday, Joe took big brother, Logan, and Braden to Play World in Conway. They had a great time playing all the arcade games. They also went to eat Chinese food which is always a hit! 

On Monday we went to Wild River Country. We all had a great time! Big brother went on all of the big water slides with Joe, Logan, and Braden! I am so proud of him! Miss priss loved the water!! I think she had even more fun because the water wasn't cold. :) Mister mess went down the duck slide no less than 100 times! Ha! I'm thinking that we may need season passes next summer! 

Then, on Tuesday Grandmama took us to build a bear. It was the first time for all 3 of our kiddos! And they ALL loved it! Sweet big brother insisted on making his sister her own build a bear, so she got a bunny with a pink dress and silver shoes. It fit her perfect! The lady who was filling the bears let big brother and mister mess put hearts in miss priss' bunny. :)  When her bunny was all done she gave it the biggest hug and kiss.

After build a bear we ate at On the Border which was a huge hit!  Especially for Mister Mess who ate salsa by the handfuls!  Ha!

Mister mess picked a "horsh" of course! If you are not sure what horsh is, it is horse in mister mess language. :) With some help from Joe, he picked out an ASU Red Wolves shirt , shorts, and some black shoes for horsh. I had NO idea that mister mess would enjoy build a bear as much as he did. Horsh has now joined duck duck in his crib and has also become a sleeping companion. :)

Big brother picked a monkey. He picked out a red and black football jersey, football pants, a football helmet, and cleats for Monkey. I think I forgot to mention that mister mess named his horse, horsh. Ha! And big brother named his monkey, monkey. How original! :) I knew big brother would LOVE build a bear, and I was not wrong! His new monkey goes every where with him! Grandmama was so sweet to think to let big brother get glasses for monkey just like his. Big brother loves monkeys glasses. He takes them off of monkey and puts them by his bed with his  every night. And I have to clean monkeys glasses just like I clean his every morning! :) Monkey even traveled to the zoo with us today so he could "meet the real monkeys!" 

On Wednesday we traveled to Harrisburg because one of my sorority sisters who is a photographer was doing some mini sessions and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get some great pictures of these 3 sweet kiddos. Don't worry, Logan and Braden got to stay home with Uncle Joe and play NCAA 13 on the play station 3. They had no complaints! Ha! I can wait to see the pictures!  I know they are going to be great!

Thursday Grandmama took Logan and Braden home.  Sad day!  Big Brother was very sad to see them leave.  We had a pretty normal day.  These kiddos were worn out from all of our fun activities so we rested a lot.were all so happy to see them. 

On Friday Christy, Corbin, and Carson came to visit!  We went to CFA for lunch and some play time.  They all had a great time.  We even got some ice cream before we left.  I can't believe we stayed there for 3 hours!  Time just flew by.  Then they came to our house to play for a little bit.  It was such a great visit!

Saturday we were just planning on staying at home.  It is Joe's last weekend before college starts.  He has a super busy weekend next weekend.  I decided to go to McDonald's to pick up some breakfast.  When I walked outside it was SO cool.  It felt great after our very hot summer!  So, I checked the weather on my phone and saw that the high was going to be 90!  That is so much better than our average temp of 110.  So, I went home, woke everyone up, and we went to the zoo.  I'm so glad we went.  It was a great day!

Big Brother had never been to the Little Rock Zoo before, so it was a great experience.  The Little Rock Zoo has been known in the past for not having many animals to see, but not this time!  We saw both of the elephants, both of the giraffes, the tiger, the jaguars, the cheetahs, the penguins, the spider monkeys (known to big brother as the spider man monkeys!  ha!), all of the bears, the otters, the rhinos, lots of different birds and water fowl, the apes and some smaller monkeys.  She howler monkeys are the only animals that we did not get to see.  They were definitely howling, but "would not come out of their house."  It was an awesome day and I am thinking that Zoo Passes maybe in our near future!  (I got some great pictures.  I really wish I could show you!)  It surprised me how much Mister Mess has grown up since our last zoo trip with him.  He really had a great time!  Miss Priss even loved it.  She just loves being outside.  I put her on my shoulders and she giggled and giggled!

 These sweet kiddos are not going to know what to do this week when we have a boring week at home!  Ha!  A big thank you to Grandmama for making it possible for these kiddos to have such a fun week!


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