Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Boys Room

I think I will give this early morning before the boys wake up blogging thing a try.  I have WAY too many projects to do during nap time to have time to blog then.

The boys room was the first one I finished after we moved in.  It was the easiest because I used all the same stuff from their old room.  I had just finished their old room a few months before we moved.  This time you will notice that the one thing missing is the stripes.  I decided against them this time.  They were a booger to paint!  

*Be prepared for picture over load!*
This is to your right when you first walk in the door. I have plans to paint this chest of drawers.  I think that the room needs more ice blue, but I don't think that would grow with the boys very well.  (and I dont want to be repainting this dresser every time I redo their room!)  I had decided to paint it red because I think that would grow with them.  But there is so much red in this room! So, I'm pretty sure it will be painted green very soon.  Stay tuned to see if I change my mind again.  :))

The TV is not even plugged in.  Ha!  I am thinking about just storing it for when they get older after I paint the dresser. 
I still use the changing table for Mister Mess right now.  But, he is working very hard at learning to dress himself, so it may not be there long.  I have got to have a picture taken to put in that big frame!
Big Brother's bed is definitely staged for this picture!  He has 2 other blankets and quite a few stuffed friends that he insists on having on his bed.   But I can pretend that this is what his bed looks like every day.  :)  (And there is a reason that the mobile is hung above his bed.  We will get to that in a minute.)

And this is where Mister Mess' bed would be if the boys were able to sleep in the same room.  :)  The boys really do have a great time together.  They especially have a great time getting in trouble together.  And MM isn't quite old enough to reason with yet.  Big Brother totally understands the rules, but when MM does not that poses a bit of an issue.  I have high hopes that by Christmas they will learn to sleep in the same room.  But, for now Miss Priss' bed is in our room and MM's bed is in Miss Priss' room.  He told me he doesn't mind all the pink because the lights are off when he is in there and he can't see it anyway.  :)  If I tell him to go to his room, he goes to Big Brother's room.  If I tell him it's time to go night night, he goes to his sister's room.  See, he totally gets it!  ;)
There are a few pretty special things in the boys room, and this is definitely one of them.  (You can read about when I first did the room here:  The Room )  My very good friend, Marianne. had this painted for us, and I love it!!

This shelf is also pretty special.  Well, not really the shelf, but the stuff on it.  The books and toys were mine when I was a baby and the football players were in Joe's nursery.  The baby shoes were my dads.

And here is MM's bed in his sissy's room.  :)  And his bed was definitely staged for this picture.  He has several things he insist on having in his bed.  

One of which is "duck duck" as shown in this picture.  They say you always lose something when you move, and this time it happened to be duck duck.  I just knew he would be sad!  But, he only asked about him a few times and slept just fine without him.  All of the boxes are unpacked and duck duck has still not been found.  Crazy!  Well, I was at target one day and I saw a new duck duck!!  He doesn't look exactly like the first duck duck, but he is very close.  When I got him out of the sack, MM looked at him, grinned from ear to ear, and screamed DUCK DUCK!  Ha!  He gave him a hug and a kiss and you could not pry him out of his arms!  Now when we rock him to sleep at night duck duck has to rock, too.  And he insists that you give duck duck a night night kiss, too.  :)

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of their closet.  Big Brother is still asleep so I am not going to do that right now, but I'll add a picture of the closet later.  

Hope you enjoyed the first of many room tours in our new house!  Hopefully I will be able to finish a few more rooms and give you a peak.


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