Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anniversary and Weekly Update

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary!  It doesn't seem possible.  That was such a fun day!

And here we are now...
Still having fun!  Love you, Joe!

I would really like to have at least a weekly update about our journey to become foster parents, but there really isn't much going on this week.  We did complete our CPR/First Aid training yesterday.  Another thing to mark off the list.  I have to keep mine up to date for work, but it expires this month.  It was also time for Joe to be recertified, so our nurse at work was awesome and let Joe come to our training so he didn't have to find it some where else! 

We are hopefully going to training January 7, 8, 14, &15.  I haven't heard back with a for sure yet, but I am praying that works out.  UPDATE:  We are for sure scheduled for that training!  Another prayer answered!  Joe is headed back to the health department today for his second TB skin test.  We have our physicals on January 10th.  Then we wait for our home study........and we are done!! 

It feels good to get more and more things marked off our list!  Besides training not being offered when we wanted it to be (which majorly held us back) this process has really been realtively smooth.  And for that I am very thankful!

Hopefully I'll be back next week to report even more progress!


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