Monday, September 26, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

So, I know it has taken me a while, but better late than never, right??

I had a great Labor Day weekend in Branson, MO with my mom and Percie.

On our way!  Percie loves to go on trips and stay in hotels just as much as her mama and grandmama!

We left for Branson Saturday morning.  We stopped in Conway at Hobby Lobby on our way and found some awesome deals!  I also ran in Big Lots and found Percie a cute Halloween toy. 
She loves it!  Here she is at the hotel.

We got there just in time Saturday to spend a few hours at the pool.  It felt wonderful!  Then we got ready and went to eat at Cantina Laredo at the Branson Landing.
Here's mama at the restaurant.  We love Cantina Laredo!

After we ate an awesome meal we shopped until the Landing was closing.  I found some awesome deals!  I love shopping in Branson!

The only thing that wasn't necessarily enjoyable about Branson was the traffic!  Oh my!  It took us over an hour to go 4 miles.  I am not exaggerating.  The traffic was insane!  But, at least we didn't have any where we had to be at any specific time.  

Sunday we got up and went to the continental breakfast at our hotel.  It was not so great, so we decide we would go back to the room, get Percie, and run to McDonald's.  Well, like I said, the traffic was insane so I noticed the Waffle and Pancake House almost right across the street from our hotel.  We had Percie with us, so we couldn't go in and eat, but I went in and placed an order to go and we hung out in the car with Percie until it was ready.  When I went in to get our order I noticed a sign that said cash only.  All I had was my debit card.  Ugh!  It was almost 11 by this time and I was hungry!  The waitress told me that there was a Walgreens close by that had a ATM.    So, I walked to Walgreens and back in about 15 minutes.  It would have taken 2 hours to drive.  Paid for our breakfast.  And we headed back to the hotel.  We ate our breakfast at about 11:30 a.m.  Ha!  Even though the day started out rough, we ended up having a great afternoon!

We got ready and headed to the Tanger Outlet Mall.  I LOVE outlet malls!  We got some awesome deals!  Finding a parking place was interesting, but after we found a spot we walked the whole outlet mall.  Shopping is good exercise!  Ha!

After leaving the outlet mall we headed to Kringles Christmas Store.  It is a must while in Branson!  We walked around that shopping center for a little while and then ate supper at the Hard Luck Diner.  The food was great and the entertainment was fun!  All of the waiters and waitresses sing and dance while they wait tables.  

After supper, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a minute and spend some time with Perice.  The weather was absolutely awesome!  It was one of the first cool days of fall!  So, we decided to take Percie to the Landing to walk around.  Mama got a piece of cake from a cake place and I got some ice cream.  We sat outside, walked Percie for a while, and had a great time! 
Percie looked so cute in her pink striped dress and got tons of attention!
(Seems like I just took tons of pics of Percie Labor Day Weekend and no one else.)

Monday morning we decided to pack up our stuff and Percie and leave the hotel about 10.  We were hoping we could make it the 1 mile to McDonald's before they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30.  No lie!  We barely made it!  Ha!  Then we took Percie with us to the Red Roof Outlet Mall.  We just took turns going into stores.  Of course we found some awesome deals!  

We had a really god time and already have plans for our next trip!


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