Sunday, September 19, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Yes, I am behind again.....with no excuses this time!

Joe was on duty (which means he cannot leave Beebe....and really should not be off campus very long) this Labor Day Weekend.  I was really kind of sad, but soon realized it was a blessing in disguise.  I am more of an on the go kind of person, and have a hard time planning down time.  If Joe had been off, we would have been at the lake, out on the boat, and who knows what else!!  Ha!  Instead, we just hung out at home.  Joe's mom and dad were supposed to go camping in Branson on Table Rock Lake with Joe's sister and her husband and children, but poor Jordan got sick so they decided it would be best to stay home.  Mama and I had already gone to Trumann on Thursday night to pick up Sidda to stay with us for the weekend.  I'm so glad we got to keep Sidda!  She is so much fun!!  Dannie and Charlotte ended up coming to spend Sunday and Monday with us.  Joe grilled for all of the kids in the dorm and Charlotte cooked all kinds of awesome food to go with it!  We had fun watching Sidda, Molly, and Percie play!  
Molly and baby Sidda playing.  Sidda is getting SO big!
We took Molly, Percie, and Sidda for a walk and Sidda decided  in the middle of our walk it was time to take a rest!  Ha!  She makes me laugh!
Me trying to get a picture of Mama, Joe, and the 3 dogs.  The dogs were not cooperating very well!  Ha!
Percie, Joe, and Sidda taking a nap.  We rested a lot!  Another reason it was a blessing that Joe was on duty is because Joe and I both came down with the stomach bug on Friday night and all day Saturday.  It was NOT fun!

We had a very restful Labor Day Weekend!


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