Wednesday, December 19, 2012

11 months

Yes, I am finally blogging her 11 month post 2 days before she turns 1.  Better late than never, right!?!  Moving on..... :)

Miss Priss turned 11 months old the day after her first Thanksgiving, which she totally enjoyed!  Baby girl loves to eat!  And she really loves table food, but it does not love her.  :(  She spits up like crazy if she gets more than 3 or 4 bites of table food.  But she does great with baby food.  Doesn't spit up at all.  I'm gonna talk to the doctor about it at her 1 year check-up.  I'm pretty sure we will just have to slowly ease her into more table foods.

And is she ever living up to her nick name.  :)  She is super sweet most of the time, but the girl definitely has a feisty side.  I mean I'm sure you could never imagine a certain sweet baby girl saying "ugh" and hitting her mama in the face because she didn't get what she wanted when she wanted it.  I mean. never!  :)  And for the record, she totally knows what no, no means whether she wants to admit it or not.    

And boy does she have a mouth on her!  Oh my!  She has no less than 10 consistent words, used in the right context.  She cracks me up.  She has got mama, dada, more (which she says once and if she doesn't get immediate acknowledgement begins to yell over and over), bye-bye (while waving with 2 hands), hi (while waving with one hand), uh oh, ow, hello (while talking on her play phone), yay (while clapping her hands), and hey (when she wants your attention).  Like I said, she doesn't have any attitude at all.  :)

The girl's balance is great!!  She has been standing on her own for a while.  She can even squat down and pick something up and stand back up great.  But she has NO interest in taking steps by herself.  She will hold one hand, but she isn't letting go.  Every time I try to let go, she drops to her knees and takes off crawling.  And looks at me like this is much faster.  Walking will come in time, and I'm sure I will want her to go back to crawling.  So, I am definitely not trying to rush things.  I know she will do it when she decides she wants to.   

Miss Priss has 8 teeth.  Whew.  That wasn't fun for either one of us.  But she looks so cute with her toothy smiles.  :)  And she loves to crunch her puffs in her front teeth.  I think she likes the sound.  Ha!  I fully expect for teething to get more dramatic the older she gets.  I mean I wouldn't expect any less.  :)

She makes a lot of cute faces.  I love her sideways-grit-her-teeth smile.  It cracks me everything else she does.  :)  I promise though, if you spent much time with her you would feel the same way.  She pretty much wins over everyone she meets.  :)  I'm sure I don't feel that way just because I'm her mom.  Ha! 

Girl does NOT like cold.  She doesn't like the cold weather and she definitely does not like to be cold.  And she tells me all about it.  No exaggeration, the first morning it was really cold outside and I got her out of bed in the morning and took her straight outside (still in her pjs, yes I'm that mom) to take her big brother to Pre-k.....she hit at the air and said "ugh" then screamed and proceeded to throw a "sissy fit."  All I could do was laugh.  And absolutely nothing was wrong, except it was cold.  I thought it might have been a fluke, but no, she has done that multiple times since then.  Needless to say she has enjoyed the warmer weather we have been having.  Silly kid!  :)

Oh, and speaking of words, she totally said thank you at supper tonight when Joe handed her a sweet potato fry (1 of her 5 bites).  I thought I was hearing things until Big Brother said "Sissy just said thank you, mama, sissy said thank you!"    And Mister Mess said "Thank you??? Sissy, mama???"  Ha!  If he picked up on it, I'm pretty sure it was a real word.  Hopefully that will be word number 11 soon.  :)  It was super cute.....of course!

She really loves having her own room.  She usually doesn't even want to be rocked to sleep.  Sometime she lets me, but I think I enjoy it more than her.  Ha!  She likes me to lay her flat on her back with her pacie (don't even remind me that we are saying bye bye to pacie after Christmas...) and her favorite blanket that her Memama crocheted for her.  I have to pat her head and tell her night night and I love her (forgot one time and she "ugh"ed at me when I closed the door...really) turn off the light and close the door.  And that's it.  Do you know what a production it is to put her 2.5 year-old brother and her almost 5 year-old brother to bed???  I'm hoping it stays this way for her, but I'm not holding my breath.  And she usually goes to bed around 6:30 or 7 and I wake her up at 7:30 the next morning to take her brother to pre-k.  And she usually takes a 3 hour nap during the day.  Girl likes her sleep!

She has had 2 experiences with Santa and did great both times.  She LOVES the Christmas tree.  So glad I decided to put it in the front living room (where we never go) becaue I'm pretty sure it would not still be standing.  She loves Christmas lights.  And she loves her red shoes which she gets to wear a lot because they match most of her Christmas outfits.  (Which she has at least 15 of.  :))   

And Miss Priss LOVES to dance......which makes her mama so proud.  Anyone know of a good dance studio in Conway???....just kidding....kind of.  :)  Every time she hears music she starts shaking her booty.  Sometimes she dances so hard she falls down!  Ha!  The kids have a stuffed Santa that when you push its hand it sings and dances.  She adores it.  And really breaks it down for Santa.  :)  She also adores Mickey Mouse Club House and Sesame Street.  They make her dance, too.  And until we went to Shreveport for Christmas with my sister and her family and I rode in the back seat with her for 4 hours, I had no idea that she dances in her car seat when a song she likes comes on the radio!  Ha!  Crack me up!  

And since she learned to wave and say hi and bye bye she says it to everyone no matter where we are or if she knows them.  And by golly you better pay attention to her because she doesn't stop.  Friendly baby girl.  :) Oh, and another thing she said today and I almost died was "bow"!  I'm not even kidding.  She touched the bow on her head and said bow!  It sounded more like ba, but I know that is what she meant!  And what made me think of that is everyone always comments on her bows after she persistently tells them hi until they listen to her.  But I mean really, how could you miss them.  We like big bows at our house! :)  

She is getting a little more hair.....or maybe I just want her to have a little more hair??? Ha!  It is getting darker and darker.  Not a blondie like her brothers.  I still can't believe sweet baby girl will be one in one day and one hour.  It just doesn't seem possible!  

I'll be back soon (hopefully sooner than later) with her 1 year post.  I am LOVING planning her first birthday party.  Can't wait!


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