Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Months

Baby girl is 3 months-old today!  She has experienced so much since my last update!

We went on our first trip to Hobby Lobby, Target, Kohls, and Children's Place.  You know, the important stores.  It was our first shopping trip just the 2 of us and it went great!  She also got to meet her Nanny, Poppy, Aunt Malinda, and her cousins, Rylee and Jordan.  We had a great day together.  

On Friday, we also welcomed her 1 year-old brother into our home.  It makes me happy that they can be together.  He loves her and she loves him.  It is so cute to watch them together.  He either calls her sissy or baby.  Love it.  

Baby girl also got to experience her first day at day care.  She did great, of course.  She did great all week.  We love her day care!  The worst part of the day is when I pick her up and they hand her to me and I only get to hold her for just a minute.  Then I have to put her in her car seat and her bottom lips sticks out immediately.....and then the crying starts.  She would really prefer I hold her instead of put her in her car seat.  Poor baby.  And usually her teacher says, "that's the first time she has cried all day except when she was hungry."  Ugh!  But then we make it home and I get to hold her a lot!  That makes her happy.  

For the most part we had a good weekend with baby girl and little man.  She woke up Saturday morning sounding very congested.  It sounded like mainly nose congestion, but there wasn't anything coming out of her nose.  She really scared me a few times while in her cradle.  She sounded like she was choking.  So, Saturday afternoon when it got worse we took them to the weekend doctors clinic.  She just had a cold and it was all nose congestion.  They told me to get a humidifier, which we did.  They also told me to use saline mist or drops and suction her nose, which I did.  It makes her SO mad!  Poor baby.  It can't feel good!  But she did sound better after.

Her poor brother had an ear infection.  :(  He woke up crying Friday night and had a runny nose so we had them check him out while we were there.  Only good thing is he acted fine.  I never would have guessed he was sick!  

Sunday she didn't feel much better.  Early Monday morning when she woke up I suctioned blood out of her nose.  It scared me!  He case worker advised us to take her to ACH ER.  So we dropped Little Man off for his first day at his new day care and headed to Little Rock.  We were in and out of the ER very quickly!  They decided it was just a viral infection and there was no need for us to give her or do anything different.  The blood was from the inside of her nose being aggravated from being suctioned, thank goodness.  They deep suctioned her nose.  It was horrible to listen to her scream!  She did not like it and it took a while to get her calmed down.  But, It helped her so much!  Made the trip worth it!

On Tuesday we followed up with their pediatrician.....after a 4 hour wait.  The first 2 hours were okay.  The last 2, not so much.  But it was worth the wait.  LM's ear infection wasn't any better, so she changed his antibiotic and he got a shot in both legs.  :(  He was NOT happy about that.  And BG now has an ear infection, too.  :(  And since she was not running a fever, her doctor wanted us to go ahead and have her 2 month shots.  They were not giving shots in her clinic that day, so we had to go to the health department for that appointment.  

Joe and LM stayed in the car so he could attempt to nap while I waited with her for shots.  Poor baby girl.  It was horrible.  She screamed a scream I have never heard come out of her before.  It took forever to calm her down.  And even with tylenol she did not handle the shots well.  She wanted to be held all night, but if I moved at all she cried.  I could tell her legs were sore.  I'm so glad she slept all night and was a new baby this morning!  Luckily she and her brother are awesome medicine takers!!  Neither one of them minds at all. 

BG and LM also experienced their first tornado siren and getting to hang out in the bathroom.  They both did great!  I never knew that throwing toys in the sink and bath tub would provide so much entertainment.  Ha!  It made poor Percie a nervous wreck.  She is very scared of storms and to not be able to sit in my lap because I had a sleeping not feeling good baby almost sent her over the edge.  Ha!  Poor girl!  Luckily it didn't last long and we did not have to set up the pack and play in the bathroom and sleep there.  Although, I'm sure that will happen in our future.  Tornado season in Arkansas is NO fun!  BG and LM also got to make their first trip to the airport to pick up grandmama this week.

Both kiddos are feeling much better today!  I hope BG is back to sleeping all night.  Although I love spending time with her, I make a much better mama when I get my sleep!  :)

BG is really trying to hold her own bottle.  I don't think it will be long.  She is also trying really hard to put her pacie back in her mouth.  She is following Joe and I when we walk by her and looks for us if we are out of sight.  She is also recognizing our voices.  And she is so expressive.  We have already discussed the bottom lip.  She also raises her eye brows when she is trying to talk to us.  She is still the happiest, sweetest baby I've ever met!  

Come back on the 24th for LM's 21 month birthday and to learn all about him!

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